Good Directions Palazzo Bird Feeder in Venetian Bronze – Large



The Good Directions Palazzo Bird Feeder is a hybrid of a traditional tube feeder and decorative lantern-style models. The large bronze cover glistens gold now, but will take on a pleasing greenish patina with age that will only add to the charm of the feeder and it’s place in your garden. Fill it with mixed seed and watch charming songbirds flit to the ample rim to feed.

This Bird Feeder Attracts: 

  • Finches, Goldfinches, jays, cardinals, buntings, grosbeaks, sparrows, chickadees, titmice and more

Feeder Holds: Mixed seed, safflower seed, sunflower seeds hulled, peanut pieces

Includes: Fully assembled feeder

Capacity: 3.5 pounds of seed
Width: 10 in. / 25.4 cm. 
Height: 19 in. / 48.3 cm. 
Weight: 9 lbs. / 4.08 kg. 

Mounting: Hanging



Good Directions

Good Directions is a unique company in the backyard birding world.

Based in Danbury, Conncticut, the artistically-focused Good Directions is passionately committed to helping make your garden as beautiful as it is functional. Ran by President, Michael Lodato, the company utilizes the talents of nine artist. These artists work in different mediums to follow their garden products all the way from concept to manufacturing. This ensures that the product isn’t just functional or just artistic, it’s both.

Good Directions products make beautiful gifts and will grace your backyard for years to come.

Additional information

Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in


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