Bird Feeders

Choosing a Bird Feeder for Cardinals

Cardinals are hard to miss and enchanting birds. They are fairly easy to attract to a multitude of different bird feeders. Use our easy guide below to help you choose the right one, but first take a minute to review the basics and make sure your yard is ready. Attracting Cardinals Like all other wild birds, … Read more

Attracting Clinging Birds: How to Choose a Cage Feeder

Cage feeders are a unique type of birdfeeder. These cage-like feeders are designed to attract birds that prefer clinging to perching, like woodpeckers and chickadees. Types of feed for cage feeders Cage feeders are typically square with a cage-like metal mesh. The feeder will typically be made of brightly colored wood or synthetics around the … Read more

Hummingbird Feeders: How to Choose the Right One

Step into a gardening store or browse a bird watching website and you’re likely to see thousands of choices for Hummingbird feeders. There are many types to choose from. Choosing the best feeder for your yard or porch is all about knowing what feeder style will suit the birds in your area. Two Main Hummingbird … Read more

6 Gift Ideas for Bird Lovers

Looking for the best gift for the bird lover or gardener in your life? These are six of our favorite birdhouses and feeders for the 2014 holiday season. Each is unique, memorable and a perfect representation of the old standard, “chosen with care”. Perfect birdhouse gifts The basic cedar nesting box might be functional, but … Read more

Top 10 Ways to Keep Squirrels Out

We’ve seen thousands of genius, funny and just plain crazy strategies for keeping squirrels out of backyard bird feeders. These are our ten favorite, some serious and some not, in no particular order. Inspired by the funny collection by Bill Adler Jr.’s Outwitting Squirrels: 101 Cunning Stratagems to Reduce Dramatically the Egregious Misappropriation of Seed … Read more

How to Clean Your Bird Feeders

Last year New York State made the news constantly for confirmed cases of birds being infected by Salmonella. The primary way this bacteria spreads is through uncleaned bird feeders. So far 2014 is quieter, but her at, we’d like to help keep it this way. With just a few basic maintenance steps, you’re backyard birds … Read more

How To Fix Hummingbird Feeder Problems

A Hummingbird feeder seems like a good idea right? After all, millions of people enjoy watching these active little birds each year, but what if something goes wrong? Hummingbirds are notoriously finicky about their feeders. Pests, nectar going rancid and leaks in the filter can all cause a new birder to become frustrated and give up. Follow these … Read more

What Bird Feeders do Woodpeckers Like?

Woodpeckers are enchanting creatures. With vibrantly colored feathers and the tendency to stay in one place all year long, creating a haven of bird feeders and houses in your backyard will provide constant enjoyment for most bird lovers. Best bird feeders for Woodpeckers Woodpeckers are some of the best natural bug-killers around. They are almost … Read more

How to Build a DIY Oriole Feeder

The brilliant orange feathers of Baltimore Orioles herald the return of warm weather and have wild bird lovers scrambling to catch a glimpse of these shy birds as they pass through their yards. Although you may think of Baltimore Orioles as a baseball team, the name for the striking orange and black bird actually came … Read more

What Bird Feeders do Grackles Like?

Calling a Grackle “common” may seem somewhat disingenuous. This wild bird has an eye-catching purple metallic coloring, usually accentuated with bronze feathers. When glistening in the afternoon sun, a Common Grackle is a glorious sight that any bird lover will enjoy. Feeding Grackles Grackles are easy to please when it comes to their diet. They … Read more

Bird Feeder Shopping For Beginners

Any trip to the local hardware store, grain supply store or major garden center unfurls an array of bird feeders – big ones, small ones…plastic, wood, wood/plastic, window and pole feeders. And then, there are the suet combo feeders, nut feeders, sunflower trays and mixed seed tubes. Trying to scratch your way through all of … Read more

How to Keep Bees out of Nectar Feeders

Bees are extremely important to our food supply and fragile ecosystems. Usually bees are fairly harmless, but when hummingbird feeders are out trouble can start. After all, bees are always on the lookout for nectar! Nothing in nature is 100% It isn’t possible to keep your feeders completely bee-free. In addition, no one method typically works … Read more

Suet and Mealworm Feeders for Winter

Turn on any news channel and you’re sure to see coverage of the “Winter Vortex” plaguing The United States this winter. Just a week ago, every state but Florida had snow on the ground. Snow on the ground and clear skies make for blindingly bright mornings. If you’re waking up feeling a need for polarized … Read more

Platform Bird Feeders for Your Garden

A quick web search will yield millions of platform bird feeders and food to fill them with to choose from. Choosing the best one depends almost entirely on which birds you want to bring into your yard. Let’s take a look at what platform feeders are and which one you will want to choose. What is … Read more