Perky Pet Hex Oriole Feeder w/Bee Guards 36 oz


Brand:Perky Pet


36-ounce capacity. Features perch-activated bee guard feeding stations to allow Orioles and hummingbirds to feed without bees. The birds weight lowers perch to reveal oriole nectar for feeding. A rugged plastic hexagonal bottle sits atop a NO-DRIP feeding base with orange slice decor to attract Orioles.

Additional information

Weight 0.975 lbs
Dimensions 10.99 × 9.75 × 8.91 in


Perky Pet

Perky-Pet is a registered trademark of Woodstream Corporation, a large privately held company producing a plethora of helpful tools for backyard bird watching, animal control and fencing. Woodstream Corporations has worked in the wildlife products environment for over 150 years.

Building a Better Mousetrap

Woodstream Corporation is headquartered in Lititz, Pennsylvania and has eight other offices in The United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and China. The company began building mousetraps and expanded from there. A worldwide organization, built on mousetraps--imagine that!

Perky Pet Bird Feeders

The Perky-Pet brand began in 1958. That’s nearly fifty years of excellence and innovation feeding backyard birds. Perky-Pet is, perhaps, best known for their Hummingbird feeders which are as beautiful as they are functional.


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