Evergreen Enterprises Butterfly Birdbath with Stand



Cute and balanced this whimsical glass birdbath is pure harmony with its butterfly decorations. Birds will wonder just what to do with the be-jeweled butterfly perching on the bowl. The bronze colored stand is crafted of metal rods with end caps to prevent the filled bath from sinking into soft soil. Bowl is easy to clean and the stand is rugged and sturdy – no bowing or tipping. Bowl is painted with non-toxic hues and two woven basket style metal holders sit at each end of the water feature. Easy to move…and a delight to behold.

Height: 26.25 in. / 66.7 cm.
Width: 14.75 in. / 37.5 cm.  
Weight: 4.40 lbs. / 1.99 kg.



Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs
Dimensions 11.7 × 18.6 × 33.1 in


Evergreen Enterprises


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