Aspects Quick Clean Bigfoot Tray

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Tired of wasted seed and moldy clumps littering your feeding stations. These unattractive spills are unhealthy for the birds and attract pets like rats and raccoons – which you don’t want at your birding area! Simply attach the Bigfoot Tray to the base of your Aspect’s tube hopper feeders and the tossed seed will fall into the ample saucer. Made of UV resistant polycarbonate this rugged tray will live through winter and visiting squirrels. Perching birds will love sitting along the rim. Detaches for easy cleaning and emptying… and will not attract “bigfoots”!
Width: 12 in. / 30.4 cm.
Height: 1 in. / 2.5 cm.
Weight: 0.72 lbs. / 0.32 kg.
Mounting: Aspects-Tube Feeder
Brand: Aspects
Country: Made in USA

Additional information

Weight0.9 lbs
Dimensions2.25 x 14 x 14 in


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