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Easy Tips to Identify Common Songbirds

Magazine racks at the grocery checkout assume that celebrity watching is the favorite pastime. While this is true, it is the faces of the celebrities at the top of the popularity ladder that the publications got wrong! Bird watching is now the fastest growing hobby. So if you want to identify some real celebrities put … Read more

Five Tips for Attracting Orioles

Orioles have a reputation for being difficult to attract. Have no fear! These five tips will help you bring these sought after orange and brown birds into your yard year after year. 1. Orange and Oranges for Orioles   When trying to attract Orioles, keep in mind the importance of the color orange. Maybe it’s … Read more

Woodlink Window Bird Feeder

Why a window feeder   Window bird feeders are a spectacular way to watch birds close up, from the comfort of your kitchen or living room window. These versatile feeders are easy to access for cleaning and/or refilling and allow you to watch birds close up in all kinds of conditions. In addition, window feeders … Read more

At your feeders: Monarch Butterflies

The Spring migration season is nearly at a close. That means the fleeting glimpses of exotic songbirds at your bird feeders are drawing to a close. Don’t worry! The new generation of Monarch Butterflies have been sighted this week which means most of the United States will be seeing them soon. Out with the old, in … Read more

7 Steps to Attracting Wild Birds

With a hotter-than-average summer slamming most of us, it’s time to bust out our late summer backyard checklist to make sure the wild birds we’ve worked so hard to attract to our yard are healthy and thriving! Steps to attracting wild birds in late summer: 1. Make sure water sources are plentiful. Whether it’s a … Read more

The USA’s Best Birding Destinations

For most of the year bird watching means looking out the window and relaxing in the backyard. We set out our mini-ecology support stations and welcome in our feathered neighbors. Everything “cool” is local and our bird feeders, waterers and nesting houses embrace a stunning array of avian species. Being a static birder is the … Read more

Integrate Bird Baths into Your Yard

Integrating a bird bath into your yard is one of the easiest ways to attract local birds. Our feathered friends are constantly in search of fresh water, both for drinking and keeping feathers clean. Properly maintained bird baths will be a constant source of entertainment, as you watch birds play, preen and perch. Choosing the right … Read more

How to Protect Your Birdhouse

Handling predators in your backyard is an important part of being a responsible birder. Birdhouses give lots of birds opportunities to thrive. However, nesting boxes can be an alluring and simple target for predators if the proper precautions are not taken. Read on to learn how to protect your birdhouse from predators which put our … Read more

Understand Bluebirds & Tree Swallows

Much controversy has arisen within the community of bird enthusiasts when it comes to the interaction between Bluebirds and Tree Swallows. This is because both are cavity nesting birds, in overlapping territories and are territorial in nature. The variety of Bluebirds living all over The United States, guarantees that almost anywhere a Bluebird box is … Read more

What Bird Feeders to Titmice Like?

The Tufted Titmouse, as the name suggests, are a small bird with gray-capped head and big black eyes. Setting these features against a nearly white face and underbelly make this little bird remind some of us of a certain bearded wizard. You will often find Titmice with Chickadees, but they are slightly larger and stand … Read more

Attract Butterflies: 2 Easy Ways

Butterfly houses are an enchanting way to attract extra color and life to your garden. These charming little insects are one of the few most gardeners welcome and are a nice addition to your birding adventures. What is a butterfly house? Unlike birdhouses, which are designed for nesting, butterfly houses provide a safe haven for hiding. … Read more

11 Steps to Starting a Bluebird Trail

If helping to build the Bluebird population is one of your goals as a birdwatcher, use this simple guide on how to start a Bluebird Trail to help these enchanting birds thrive. 11 steps to starting a Bluebird Trail in your neighborhood:   1. Understand the time and resources needed Take the time to create … Read more

Make Your Backyard Bird Friendly

  There are thousands of opportunities each year to host tiny visitors in your backyard garden. Whether you’re looking to attract an elusive little Bluebird or a flamboyant and sometimes pesky Jay, these simple steps will help you bring new guests into your yard this Spring! The importance of backyard birding It is estimated that more than … Read more

How to Attract Eastern Towhees

Eastern Towhee are over-sized sparrows that live primarily in the Eastern United States. These unique birds have jet black feathers on their backs and orangish bellies. You’re likely to hear an Eastern Towhee before you see one. They love the underbrush and can often be found rummaging there. Learn how to attract these often evasive birds: Provide bird nesting … Read more